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June 30, 2016
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Excel, Art & VAT…

Did you know that there’s an artist in Japan who uses Microsoft Excel spreadsheets to create art?


jpan japan2

I’ve always been a fan of Excel and admired what you can accomplish with a tool that is available to almost everyone with a PC or tablet. I always knew Excel was smart but who knew it could produce such beautiful art too?

Of course, we can’t all create works of art with Excel but you might be surprised about what it can accomplish. Excel can be used to make all sorts of time-saving tools and templates, build valuable databases to help you capture and store business critical information and also produce useful at-a-glance reports and charts to help you run and manage your business.

I suppose you could call me an Excel ‘super-user’ – I use Excel daily to help me in all areas of my life so I’m always surprised when I see or hear about people spending so much time on tasks that can be automated quickly in an Excel spreadsheet. For example, I met a sales guy last week who was moaning that it took him so long to add VAT to prices. He was using a calculator to work out the VAT inclusive price for each product individually. When I got home I put together a quick Excel spreadsheet for him to use in future and I thought it might be useful to share the formula you need to add VAT to a price:


  1. In Cell A2 enter the price before VAT of the product
  2. In Cell B2, enter the VAT % applicable (usually 20%)
  3. In Cell C2 enter =A2*B2
  4. In Cell D2 enter =A2+C2


If you have multiple prices then you can just overwrite the number in Cell A2 or simply highlight cells A2-D2 and then drag down as far as you need and overwrite the numbers in column A.

excel vat

So we started with Art and we ended with VAT. Something of a change of pace but it certainly helps to demonstrate how versatile Excel can be.

So what’s stopping you? Give Excel a try or if it’s really not your bag, then ask us to help! We actually enjoy it!

Call on 01785 532235 or email us on contact@theofficeequation.co.uk and we’ll see how we can help!


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