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July 18, 2016
Guest Blog by Roy Johnson of Sandler Training – You Don’t Have to Answer the Question
August 25, 2016
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Guest Blog by Pam Allen of PA Today – The Benefits of E-marketing!

The Benefits of E-marketing

E- newsletter marketing is one of the most effective marketing channels available, allowing you to reach a wide audience whilst offering you proven results.

According to Associate PA Jo Davies,
” E-newsletters are a great tool for communicating with customers, building relationships, driving website traffic, and directing customers to key content”.


The benefits are as follows:
1. They are cost effective
An E-newsletter is a very cost-efficient and cost-effective way to communicate with your audience.  It is more cost effective than a printed newsletter because of the savings in time, printing, and mailing costs. Most email services are available for a minimal monthly fee based on the number of email addresses in your database, and offer a variety of customizable templates.
2. They build your brand
E-newsletters open the opportunity for your clients to easily and immediately interact and open a dialogue with you. Like all content marketing, by offering valuable content in your e-newsletter, you can establish your company as an industry leader. Above all, E-newsletters help build strong relationships reducing the chance that they’ll look for an alternative solution elsewhere.
3. They drive website traffic
E-newsletters enable customers to get the information they are interested in whilst giving your company insight into what customers are and are not interested in. By frequently linking your e-newsletter to content on your website, you can have a direct impact on website visitors. If your customers like what they read, they will be encouraged to browse the rest of your site for new product and service information.
4. They have fully measureable results
An E-Newsletter provides trackable results. Unlike traditional print newsletters and direct mail, e-newsletters can be tracked and analysed using email reporting software and website analytics.  Knowing what your customers respond to gives you further understanding of your buyers’ needs so you can more effectively meet them.
Here are PA Today we have the experience and expertise to help your business create and manage extraordinary e-marketing campaigns.
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