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July 26, 2016
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Guest Blog by Roy Johnson of Sandler Training – You Don’t Have to Answer the Question


You Don’t Have To Answer The Question

You are at a meeting, the Prospect asks a seemingly simple question that you answer immediately because you know the answer, you are great at your job and you want to impress them to win their business….right?

Next time, consider this: why are that asking that question right now, in this moment?

Respond to their question with another question, “That’s interesting, why do you ask X,Y,Z?” and see what their response is. It is likely that they will reveal more information, helping you to qualify their pain and tailor your response.

Qualifying for pain is an essential step of the Sandler Selling System. If prospects aren’t experiencing pain that can be solved by what you offer, then there won’t be a sale. The sooner you discover that, the better and then you can move on to another opportunity.

When asking a Prospect questions, you want to uncover information that helps to clarify the degree of fit between what you have to offer and the Prospect’s problem, challenge, or goal.

If the degree of fit is low or if a Prospect has no problem, challenge, or goal that you can help with … guess what? That person is no longer a Prospect. It’s time to move on to another opportunity, and you must consider this to be a victory.

Why is it a victory? Because you have successfully disqualified someone. You have saved yourself some precious time. Now you can spend your time identifying and working with a qualified prospect.

Know when to answer a question with a question – and use your questions to qualify for pain. Your closing ratio will improve if you do..

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