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August 25, 2016
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The People We Meet…



Since setting up my business in 2013, I’ve spent over 250 hours (and yes – I did use Excel to calculate this) in 1:1 meetings with contacts I’ve met through the business and through referral marketing/networking groups! This is quite a commitment – especially when you add travel time on these meetings. So was it worth it?

On balance, I have to say yes. Of course, there have been a few total waste of time meetings – with those that just want to sell their own product or service – my advice for these meetings is to cut them short as soon as possible. However, those 1:1s were very much the minority. For the most part, I’ve met such a diverse group of people – mostly professional, genuine business people who are interested to understand more about The Office Equation and the services we provide as well as share their own company information.

Our services are quite unique – we can’t be labelled or grouped into a business category easily which can make marketing a little more challenging. So, what do we do?

  • Business Process Efficiency
  • Excel Tools & Templates
  • Data, Reporting & Charts
  • Documentation – Bespoke & Packages
  • Onsite or Offsite Admin Outsourcing

Meeting face to face with other business owners and networking contacts is an essential way to spread the word about our services and how we can help SMEs. We work predominately with business owners who are lacking structure in their business, who have trouble keeping track of how their business is performing and need some regular but flexible admin support so they can focus their energies on revenue generating activities

We provide the solutions to these problems. Here’s an example of how we can help:

We work with a retail business owner who previously had no control of the margins at which his sales team were selling products. We created a bespoke Excel database to track his invoice information.

The business owner can now:

  • understand the volumes and margin at an individual product level
  • view reports on sales £ & unit volumes (in total and broken out by sales person),
  • access margin (total and broken out by sales person)

As a result of having a focus on the margin number by salesperson, he’s been able to increase his margin by 7%! Oh and we also provide the admin support he needs to keep the database up to date so he can keep his focus on sales and not worry about data input.

If you’d like a 1:1 to meet to understand how we can help your business further then please email and someone will be in touch to arrange it! We look forward to meeting you!

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